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About Southwest

Also known as American Southwest, the Southwest United States is a region famous for its beautiful natural landscapes with stunning deserts, gorgeous canyons, and large and small mountains. It boasts of having three of the world’s famous natural wonders- Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, and Arches National Park. Southwest is a mix of different cultures and traditions- Anglo, Hispanic, Latino, and American Indian, making it one of the most diverse parts in the Americas. Phoenix, Las Vegas, Tucson, Mesa, Scottsdale, El Paso, Glendale, Chandler, Henderson, and Albuquerque are the largest cities in the American Southwest.

Top Tourist Attractions in Southwest

The American Southwest offers some incredible tourist hotspots that you should not miss while on your Southwest vacation. Some of them include places like Utah Olympic Park, Goblin Valley State Park, Saguaro National Park, Bellagio, Cape Royal, Zion National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Stratosphere, MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, Organ Mountains, Heard Museum, and many others. For anyone who loves adventure and wants to explore the natural beauty, Southwest is a perfect destination.

Best Season to Visit Southwest

Depending on the location, the climate in Southwest varies from arid to semi-arid. While most of the Southwest destinations have an arid climate, the states with higher elevation in the mountains receive plenty of snow. If you are traveling to Arizona, the best time is between mid-April and mid-December. In New Mexico, the ideal season to visit the plains is from December through April and for mountains, it is fall and spring season. If planning to go to Texas, visit in late October through late April and for Oklahoma, it is best to go in between November and April.

Major Airport in Southwest

There are three major airports in the American Southwest- Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, and Tucson International Airport.

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