Price Match Challenge

Faremart strives to offer travel related services and products including flight tickets, hotel reservations, and car rentals at the most competitive fares so that the customers never fall out of expectations when they choose us for travel booking.

In case you find airfares of the same flight on Major Competitor (Online Travel Agency), which is lower than what we have offered you, or if you find that fares have been dropped; in such a case, we recommend you contact our customer service within 4 hours of flight booking and before 10:00 pm on that particular day.

If you meet the above criteria, we will match the price and refund you the difference.

What do we mean by “Major Competitor (Online Travel Agency)”?

The term “Major Competitor (Online Travel Agency)” refers to the U.S.A based Online Travel agencies that are into the same business like us. Some Major Competitors (Online Travel Agency) include,,, and

What is “the same flight itinerary”?

“The same flight itinerary” refers to the condition, where each element of your existing booking with us including airline, itinerary (Source, destination, and spoke), flight number(s), date(s), cabin class, seat type, and the numbers of passengers matches with the one you find in Major Competitor (Online Travel Agency)’s website.

What does “available for booking” refer to?

The term “Available for booking” refers to the condition, where the itinerary you booked for yourself through our website was available with Major Competitor (Online Travel Agency)’s site for booking at the time you contacted us.

Are there any exceptions to the Price Match Challenge?

  • Price Match Challenge is not applicable on fares that are available only by applying a coupon or any other promotional offer made available exclusively to you or fares availed through corporate discounts, membership program sites, group travel deal, charter, incentive, meeting, convention, rewards program, or consolidator fares.
  • Price Match Challenge doesn’t apply to bookings including bulk booking, vacation packages, "Web Only" fares, student travel, military travel, or any fare error.
  • Moreover, the Price Match Challenge doesn’t apply on bookings that fall under “bidding” or “auction” or if the tickets are termed as “opaque”.

Opaque tickets refer to those bookings, where airline booking details are not disclosed until the ticket has been issued and payments have been made.

  • Price Match Challenge is applicable only on specific air carriers.